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As for vaccine distribution activities in remote areas, activities which were of an unusual nature and entailed extraordinary costs, they could be financed "if the government deemed it appropriate to impose some levies on public entertainment and entertainment in favor of a branch which interests humanity so much". In this regard, the Madrid commission was very active, thanks in particular to the role played by the figure of Ignacio María Ruiz de Luzuriaga, secretary of the Royal Academy of Medicine in the years 1800-1808. The Madrid branch of the said academy was particularly busy, especially in the months of May and June 1804, preparing a series of translations of treatises on the vaccine from London. On March 22, 2018, the vice-president and chief operating officer of Attraction Media and president of Attraction Radio Sylvain Chamberland buys thanks to an agreement, the 15 stations of the group. This initiative aims in particular to allow a better integration and acceptance of LGBT players, reporters and employees.

“Charged by this commission was the conservation of the vaccinal fluid in a house marked for this purpose, under immediate inspection, and in which one of the four children who were born daily in this city was to be permanently. These commissions should therefore, as far as possible, be installed in a house specially intended for this purpose, which "must have on the door a shiny sign announcing Casa de Vacunación Pública", and "from the beginning it will in no way be appropriate that hospitals, hospices and orphanages serve as repositories for this precious preservative”. On this depended the central commissions (Juntas Centrales), established, in Spain itself, in the provincial capitals and, in America, in the capitals hosting a Real Audiencia. Before the expeditionaries returned from their journey, a royal certificate, dated April 21, 1804, provided that “a room in each hospital in all the provincial capitals” should be reserved for the practice of vaccination. The vaccination commissions often associated themselves with the parishes, since until 1869, it was there that the only birth registers were then found, namely the baptism books.

This was undoubtedly the reason why it was recommended to renew half of the members annually, in order to maintain the enthusiasm and not to exhaust the ardor. Vaccination commissions would have to hold a meeting "once a month, at the most suitable times to proceed with the examination, counting and verification of the state of the vaccinated during the previous week", a meeting of which the doctor secretary would be responsible for drafting the minutes. The ultimate guarantors of the success of the vaccination campaign were the local medical personnel. Despite initial enthusiasm, the campaign failed to end the smallpox epidemics. On July 1, 1806, Viceroy Abascal, joining in popular enthusiasm, decreed the founding of the Junta Conservadora del Fluido Vacuno, established definitively in October 1806, and invested with the same mission of conserving and distributing vaccine fluid. To achieve this diffusion, two possibilities were offered: either the fluid was periodically transported to these territories (using children as living carriers), or the population concerned moved to nearby localities which held the vaccine.

A judicious choice between these two modalities presupposed knowledge of the particularities and needs of each region, making communication between the different areas vitally important. Ten times German champion between 1980 and 1999, winner of the 1996 UEFA Cup and three times C1 finalist in 1982, 1987 and 1999, the club, then managed by former international Franz Beckenbauer, confirmed its dominant position in German and world football by achieving a double Champions League-Intercontinental Cup in 2001. Author of a national hat-trick in 2008 where they won the Liga-Pokal, the DFB-Pokal and the Bundesliga, FC Bayern once again stood out by winning the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup and the World Cup. clubs in 2013, the year since which the club has accumulated nine consecutive German championship titles, the last obtained in 2021. Bayern Munich also has a great rivalry with Borussia Dortmund. The stadium is shaped like a bowl. 29. September 1, 2016 Philips Stadium, Eindhoven, Netherlands Greece 1 – 2 Friendly Match Starter and replaced by Jorrit Hendrix in the 65th minute of play. On June 7 and 8, 2019, also performs there, for the first time in Stade de France, union berlin jersey the South Korean group BTS for their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour.

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