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In 1958, for their first official confrontation, Brazil eliminated France in the semi-finals of the World Cup with a score of 5-2, thanks to a hat-trick from the young Pelé. In 1998, the two teams met in the final in Saint-Denis, which the French easily won (3-0), thanks to a double from Zinédine Zidane. The Italian players took their revenge in the final of the 2006 World Cup. France opened the scoring with a penalty from Zinedine Zidane before the squadra azzurra equalized. During the 2006 World Cup, host Sébastien Cauet performed a parody of the song Madan by Martin Solveig, entitled Zidane y va marque. The last victory was the match for third place in the 1958 World Cup which was not a knockout match, strictly speaking. Free kick hit by Kroos, Vinicius jumps higher than everyone, but fails to bring his head down. A variant is the Needler T-31 carbine which fires single shots and has greater accuracy. The functions of the accounting and shipbuilding directorates are revised to avoid confusion and their cross-checks will lead to increased accounting accuracy.

In 1998, in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, the two teams met again and the Blues won the game after a penalty shootout. It should be noted that this rise in the rivalry between the two nations is also due to the presence in the United States of a large majority of immigrants of Mexican and Central American origin and to the political problems opposing the two countries over illegal immigration at the border. ↑ This Turin victory over the great Real was the first home defeat for Madrid in the history of the C1, and therefore at the same time the first victory for an Italian team in the Spanish capital. In a 2-0 win over Club Olimpo, Agüero received his fifth yellow card of the season. While the French are given the favorites of the competition, they are eliminated by more physical and better organized Germans, without possible dispute (2-0). Then the two formations fail to face each other each time because Germany will be eliminated in the match preceding the anticipated meeting (1998, by Croatia and 2006 by Italy). Thereafter, with each participation in the World Cup, songs of support for the blues are recorded.

Although not yet mobile-friendly, the Hesgoal website is very easy to navigate and finding a live stream for an upcoming football match is straightforward. RojaDirecta: Rojadirecta is a free sports streaming site that has gained popularity among football fans around the world. Main article: France women's football team The French 5-a-side football team is a selection of the best disabled French footballers, formed under the aegis of the French Football Federation (FFF). Bernard Berthouloux is the current coach of the team. Until 1967, it regularly faced national selections A and B. Little used thereafter, the team was reinstated, under the name "Team France A'", by coach Michel Platini in 1988. It played twenty-three meetings in thirteen years, before being put back to sleep. It is not a permanent selection; it responds to a specific request from the coach of the France team. Main article: French military men's football team Main article: House of Polignac. Main article: France wheelchair football team Gloria Gaynor's song, I Will Survive, became the hit of the summer of 1998 following the resumption of the chorus by the France team.

In 2007 and 2008, Raymond Domenech summoned the France A' team again three times. The France team is world champion in 2017. It is made up of 8 players. The France U23 team was created in 1952, with the aim of bringing together the best French players under 21 years old. The France A' team (originally called "France B team") corresponds to the reserve team of the France team. In 1999, Sony produced the video game This is football, which was released in France under the name Le Monde des Bleus as the official game of the French team. It consists of a selection of 4 players, who will represent France in exhibition matches on eFootball PES and FIFA video games against other unofficial eSport nations for the moment. Main article: France blind football team Main article: France A' team. ↑ a and b Nick Carvalho, "Lens: the victory that changes everything", France Football, March 25, 2015, p. It was founded in Berlin on November 4, 1890. Among its founders were Berliner FC Germania 1888, which today prides itself on being the oldest German club, and Berliner FC Vorwärts 1890. The BDF was dissolved on February 14, 1892 (some sources cite March 9).

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